LASERTRON Battle Royale Squads

LASERTRON Battle Royale Squads

After 5 Years of development, LASERTRON Battle Royale Squads went LIVE in our Buffalo and Rochester, New York venues July 16, 2020!

What you are about to read is not about a concept we hope to create in the future. 

It is here now and it’s 100% operational.

LASERTRON Battle Royale Squads allows players to play for REAL and in person, the best and most popular video game that over a billion gamers play online. It’s a battle to see who will be the Sole Surviving Squad!

We believe it’s the first multiplayer, out-of-home, turnkey attraction designed to be addictive and habit forming and we mean that in a positive way. It’s a great attraction experience that enables players to de-stress and get exercise while socializing and bonding with friends and family. And, it’s crazy fun to play!

LASERTRON Laser Tag Manufacturer

The number one request we get from players is that they want to play on the same team as their friends and family – Battle Royale Squads fulfills this desire.

The Battle Royale Squads’ game format empowers players to recruit and build their own squads of up to 4 players. Each squad can create their own unique, personalized squad name and individual player code names that are protected for life.

Squads compete in LASERTRON’s proprietary and autonomous 15 to 30-minute sessions. Each session consists of 3 to 7 rounds where the objective of each round is to be the Sole Surviving Squad.

Purple Storm

The creation of the Purple Storm was one of the most critical innovations that ultimately enabled our LASERTRON Battle Royale game concept to work. 

The Purple Storm is activated when the first player is eliminated from the Battle Royale. When a player is eliminated, their vest and phaser LED lights change from green to purple and their vest’s shoulder speakers say, “You are the Purple Storm.”

Purple Storm players must then locate the closest Purple Sector to recharge. Purple Storm players are given a limited number of laser pulses and energy and can recharge at any time. As the round progresses, more and more players are eliminated and become a part of the intensifying Purple Storm.

While in most Battle Royale online games the storm is simply a way to shrink the field of play, in LASERTRON’s Battle Royale the storm is a living, ever-growing entity made up of eliminated squad players (possibly your own) that are directing their efforts to either assist or eliminate your squad.

Game Play

Rounds automatically end whenever there is a Sole Surviving squad. If at least one of your squadmates or you survive to the very end, your squad wins!

At the end of each round and prior to the start of the next battle, each squad is randomly assigned a new Starting Sector by the game system. Starting Sector assignment notifications are delivered to each player via their phaser display and announced over their shoulder speakers.

To find a Starting Sector’s location, players can use the displays found in any nearby Sector. These Sector displays provide players with a map of the entire arena and all Sector locations. Large LED illuminated numbered bands are designed into each Sector which allow players to see their Starting Sector from a distance and quickly meet up with their squad.

As each squad checks in at their designated Sector, their vests shoulder speakers will say, for example: “Welcome to Sector 5 – Please standby.” After arriving at their sector, a short period of time is given between rounds for squadmates to formulate and implement new strategies and tactics.  

As mentioned earlier, squads will compete in 3 to 7 rounds per 15 to 30-minute session. Multiple rounds within longer sessions allow squads to learn faster and become more capable of winning a Battle Royale round. Most importantly, every additional session gives each squad another opportunity to improve and evolve into an even stronger squad.

Important note: Monthly player card options are key to driving habit formation and increasing player skill level. Interested in learning more about monthly players cards? Please call or email me to discuss in greater detail. 

Next, the global arena sound system, in coordination with the Sector monitors, reveal who the Sole Surviving Squad was for the round just completed by displaying their squad’s photo as well as the photos of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place Squad finishers – see below.

The Sector monitors then display the photo of the Purple Storm Leader along with the photos of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place Purple Storm finishers – see below.

And finally a summary display shows each squad’s rank compared to all the other squads and each player’s individual time survived rank within their squad – see below.

All of this squad and player feedback is being facilitated and autonomously controlled by the LASERTRON game system.

LASERTRON Battle Royale Tournament Events

Think of LASERTRON’s Battle Royale Squad Tournament Events as the Real World version of eSports – where players physically engage in an out-of-home, real world, in-person gaming experience which takes place in a Real LASERTRON Battle Royale 100% LED Illuminated Arena that is fully autonomous, interactive, and programmable

It’s important to note that all of our public Battle Royale Squad sessions can be designated as Squad Tournament Qualifying Sessions. In fact, there can be multiple types of Tournament Squads playing in the same Session (ex: Youth and Adult playing at the same time). 

This also means that a Squad Captain can have a mix of age ranges within their squad when playing in a Qualifying Session. For example, Billy who is 12 years old can have his younger brother and his parents play on his Squad during a Qualifying session. 

How is this possible?

When players register at the front counter, we ask them who in their group wants to be the Squad Captain. Once we know the Squad Captain, we let them know the Tournament Event their session points will be allocated towards.

If the Captain of a Squad is 12 years old, the points will go towards the Captain’s Youth 17 and under Tournament ranking. If the Squad Captain is 18 or older, the points will go towards the Captain’s Adult 18+ Tournament ranking. 

Important Note: On the day of the Tournament Event, all players within a Squad must be within the specified age range for that Tournament. 

Squads earn Battle Royale Qualifying Points based on how well they performed for each round played in their session.

Squad Captains that accumulate enough points to Qualify for their designated Tournament are automatically invited via email by LASERTRON’s Battle Royale software to participate in the upcoming Battle Royale Tournament Event.

Battle Royale Scorecards are emailed automatically to all squad players at the end of each session. Each player’s scorecard contains their personal stats from the session as well as links connecting players to the LASERTRON Battle Royale Tournament page. Additional links on the tournament page enable squads to see how high they are currently ranked as well as a link to make a reservation for another Battle Royale Qualifying Session. The more a squad plays the more Qualifying Points they gain and the higher their rank is likely to climb.

Below is the link to our Rochester, New York’s LASERTRON Battle Royale Tournament page, which also links to our Buffalo, New York’s LASERTRON Battle Royale Tournament page. 

Battle Royale Squads

In addition, all squad captains receive an automated weekly or bi-weekly email notifying them of their Squad’s currently ranked position for the upcoming Battle Royale Tournament Event. Once the Tournament Qualifying Period comes to an end, the system also sends an automated email allowing players to RSVP and confirm their squad’s attendance at the upcoming Tournament Event. 

At each of our LASERTRON venues, we are running monthly LASERTRON Battle Royale Tournament events. The Tournaments for each venue are staggered by two weeks so players from our Buffalo venue can play in our Rochester Tournaments and vice versa. We are also running two separate Battle Royale Tournaments at each venue. One is for Youth 17 and under with medals and the other is for Adults 18+ with medals plus $1,000 in prize money to the top three squad finishers!

LASERTRON Battle Royale Squads “Play it for REAL” is the first of its kind for Out-of-Home Entertainment Venues!

This article is actually the short version of what we were going to publish. We decided it wasn’t a good idea to share publicly all the details on how all the pieces work together or what is coming next. As we said in the very beginning, it has taken over 5 years to develop the hardware and software to make it all work seamlessly.

While we aren’t willing to share all the details publicly for our competitors to see, we will share it with you privately. 

If you would like to learn more about LASERTRON’s Battle Royale Squad experience, please call me at (407) 905-2843 or email me at

Important note: All the above may seem complicated, but the only complicated part was creating it. For the players who experience it and the staff who operate it, it’s designed to be intuitive to play and easy to operate. 

Additional innovations to the LASERTRON Battle Royale experience will be released over the next 60 days with future releases planned multiple times per year. Some of these features will require minor hardware upgrades or add-ons and others will be more substantial. Several of the hardware upgrades will be optional and can be added whenever you are ready.

LASERTRON Battle Royale Squads along with our Tournament Event experience is truly a game changer!

Thanks again for reading,

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