What makes LASERTRON a Dramatically better choice?

We are obsessed about the following:

Reliability & Durability of our LASERTRON LT-12.9 Game Equipment and Version 4.0 LED-Interactive Arena
Stability of the Game Software
Ongoing Service and Support
The Fun and Excitement of the Playing Experience

All four of the above are critical to providing your customers with a LASERTRON Game Experience that is dramatically better than all the rest. Without the first three, the fourth one is basically useless. LASERTRON has and will always be 100% committed to accomplishing ALL FOUR!

Reliability & Durability of our LASERTRON LT-12.9 Game Equipment and Version 4.0 LED-Interactive Arena

We work every day to make sure our LT-12.9 Game System is the best. The most common failure point for other laser tag systems is their phaser cord. The typical phaser cord fails too often and too soon. LASERTRON is the only company that offers a Lifetime Warranty on phaser cords. The reason we can do this is very simple. Our phaser cords last for 10+ years, not months.

Why is it so important to have an extremely reliable phaser cord? It is the most critical connection between the phaser and vest. When a wire or connector starts to fail in a phaser cord assembly, it doesn’t just break. The first thing that happens is you get an intermittent connection, which means sometimes the phaser works and sometimes it doesn’t. Unfortunately, it is the customer who experiences the glitches and it’s usually not just one customer. The more frequently a phaser cord design fails the more often your customers will get a mediocre to bad experience. With a LASERTRON phaser cord, you dramatically reduce the possibility your customer will experience an intermittent phaser cord issue.

The design of our phaser cord is a perfect example of what makes our LASERTRON LT-12.9 system a dramatically better choice.

We also provide a 3-year warranty on all our LED lighting.

No other arena supplier comes close to the durability and warranty of our arenas.

Stability of the Game Software

Our LASERTRON game computer as well as our Point of Sale software utilizes the Linux operating system. Linux is the most reliable and secure operating system on the market today Here’s a brief sampling of companies and organizations that utilize the Linux operating system to develop and operate their most critical software applications: Google, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, New York Stock Exchange, Cisco, Facebook, FAA, and the US Department of Defense.

Linux is a highly stable and robust operating system.

If high reliability is the goal, it’s the only choice.

Ongoing Service and Support

Our service and support team will always be there to support your laser tag operation. LASERTRON is known for always being there to help you maintain your system and make sure you get the parts you need when you need them. Our turnaround time on needed parts, supplies, and repairs is two days or less over 95% of the time. We know how important your laser tag operation is and that’s why we constantly track our ability to provide you with the fastest service.

The Fun and Excitement of the Playing Experience

One of the key things we spend a lot of time on is creating the best playing experiences for the customers who actually play the game. Too often manufacturers add options that only sound cool on the trade show floor or over the phone. These unnecessary bells and whistles either fail to improve the game dynamics or even worse they detract from the overall playing experience.

We focus the majority of our time on enhancing the core playing dynamics that make the laser tag experiences fun and exciting. For example, one of the most unique game features of our LASERTRON LT-12.9 Game System is our Pick Your Own Power-Ups. These Power-Ups can be selected at anytime and anywhere in our arena. This feature alone dramatically enhances the dynamics of game play and takes it to a whole new level.

Featured Power-Ups

Ability to deactivate your opponent’s vest with a single tag. That one tag will force them to return to their recharger even if they are a Deactivator too!
Ability to recharge your teammate’s vest with a single tag. This is the only time where it’s to your advantage to tag your own teammates. The Energizer player acts just like a mobile recharging unit.
Your phaser and vest lights go dark and you are impervious to all tags until you fire your phaser or the mode’s allotted time expires. Exiting this mode will leave your vest fully recharged!
Super Rapid-Fire
Ability to fire your phaser at incredible speeds!
Ability to freeze your opponent’s vest with a freeze ray that leaves them frozen for a short period of time. Frozen laser tag players cannot fire their phaser and can still be tagged by other opposing players.
Impervious to all tags for a limited amount of time.
Impervious to all tags whenever you are not firing your phaser. While you are firing your phaser, your force-field will “drop” and your opponents can tag you. Stop firing to put your force-field back up!
Ability to deflect all incoming tags back to the player that was attempting to tag you.
Computer Virus
Ability to infect and disable your opponent’s vest with a single tag. Players infected by the virus must return to their recharger to remove the virus.
Ability to change your vest and phaser’s team color to the opposing team’s color. However, whenever you fire your phaser, your true team colors will momentarily be revealed. Tags from your “real” teammates do not affect you.
Turns your phaser and vest lights off so players cannot easily see or identify you – even while you are firing your phaser! An Invisible Mode player’s lights will only flash and reveal their true identity when they are tagged.
Ability to increase your amount of points scored on any tag.

Below is a sample of some of our very best LASERTRON game formats

Battle Royale Squads 
Form squads of up to 4 members. Be the Sole Surviving Squad by working together to eliminate the opposing squads! In LASERTRON’s Battle Royale, you’re never out of the game! If you get eliminated, join the Purple Storm to finish off the remaining Squads. Each round you are assigned a new starting sector to recharge at, so every round is different and exciting.
Battle Royale Solo
Drop into our arena with up to 39 opponents and battle to be the last player standing. If you are eliminated, seek your vengeance as part of the other eliminated Storm players. Each round you are assigned a new starting sector to recharge at, so every round is different and exciting. Do you have what it takes to become the Sole Survivor?
Base Station
Two Teams – Red vs Green. Each Team works together to offensively attack the opposing team’s Base Targets while defending their own Base, Rapid-Fire Base Tagging active, plus Recharging/Re-Spawning = High Intensity Game
Two Teams – Red vs Green. Each Team works together to take over and hold as many Sectors as possible for as long as possible plus Recharging/Re-Spawning = High Intensity Game
Two Teams – Red vs Green. Each Team works together to destroy all of the opposing team’s Headquarters before the game time expires plus Recharging/Re-Spawning = High Intensity Game
King of the Hill
Two Teams – Red vs Green. Each Team works together to take over and hold one or more Hills for as long as possible. The game uses one to three Hills. The Hills randomly move during the game plus Recharging/Re-Spawning = High Intensity Game
Zombie, Vampire, and Dodge-Ball (High Intensity)
Elimination Games (Team & Individual = Very Intense Games)
Solo and Team Free-For-All (Old Style = Simple Game Play = Low Intensity)

To truly understand why LASERTRON is dramatically better, you have to suit up using LASERTRON’s LT-12.9 game gear while playing LASERTRON’s proprietary game formats in our new Version 4.0 interactive LED-Illuminated arenas. Once you experience the best, you will know exactly why LASERTRON is 10X better than all the rest.

LASERTRON LED Illuminated Arenas

Patent Protected Component Designs

LASERTRON’s newest LED Illuminated arenas are the most distinctive laser tag arenas in the world. A LASERTRON arena will set you far apart from all the similar looking black light UV painted laser tag arenas on the market today. Even bowling suppliers are selling more and more LED Illuminated bowling lanes with special effects LED lighting.

LASERTRON is the sole market leader for LED Illuminated Laser Tag Arenas. With 9 molded arena components and extrusions, we can design the most elaborate and durable LED Illuminated arenas. No other Arena Supplier has our capabilities.

Life Time Warranty – Extreme Durability

Lifetime Warranty on all LASERTRON custom molded arena components plus 3 year warranty on all LED lighting. No other arena supplier comes close to the durability and warranty of our arenas.

LASERTRON LED Illuminated Arenas look like new for 20+ years

As successful operators already know, the durability of an attraction is very important, but so is the long-term look of the attraction. When an attraction starts to show wear and tear, your customers will notice and their perceived value of the attraction will decline. Whether you spend any money to maintain your attraction or not, you will pay a price.

The cost to maintain the look of an attraction must be factored into your attraction purchase. LASERTRON has continuously invested significant dollars to design and create high quality molds and extrusions that allow us to create amazing LED Illuminated arenas that look great for 20+ years.

Easy to Reconfigure and Update

LASERTRON arenas are the easiest arenas to reconfigure and update over time. As new arena components are created, they are designed to be compatible with existing components. New elaborate obstacle designs, center towers, and base stations can be modified or completely redesigned while reusing all your existing components.

LED Lighting Effects

LASERTRON’s LED Illuminated arenas can be controlled by LASERTRON’s base stations as well as additional DMX controllers. The LED lighting can change colors, pulse, flash, strobe, move to the beat of the music, or other game play events going on in the arena. LED lighting can also be adjusted to be brighter or dimmer depending on the owners preferences or even the age range of the players in the arena.

LASERTRON Wall Medallions and Wall Paint Designs

Medallions and wall designs enhance the overall look and feel of the LED Illuminated arena. Medallions can also be tied into DMX controllers and change to the color of the team that is winning.

Important note: Black light UV murals are static and can’t flash, pulse, or change colors.

Low Maintenance

LASERTRON arenas require very little maintenance to keep them looking like new.

How does a LASERTRON LED Illuminated Arena Save You Money?

With a LASERTRON LED Illuminated arena, you don’t have to install black light fixtures and bulbs and all the extra electrical conduit and circuits. You save $1.50 to $3.00/sq.ft. of the total playing field size when you invest in a LASERTRON LED arena. If the total size of your playing field is 4,000 sq.ft., you can save up to $12,000 dollars.

With a LASERTRON LED Illuminated arena, you save $10,000 to $40,000 every 4 to 6 years, because you don’t have to hire a professional artist to repaint all the wall murals and arena obstacles. If a UV painted arena isn’t touched up, the customers will notice the wear and tear more and more every year.

UV black light paint fades over time and so does the intensity of the black light bulbs. This causes the arena to get darker and darker. The fading of the UV paint and black light bulbs require black light arena operators to buy new black light bulbs every 2 to 3 years plus significant portions of the arena will need to be repainted to get the wall and obstacle paint to pop again.

We operate the longest running laser tag arena in the United States in our Buffalo, NY entertainment center. For 20+ years we designed and built arenas using Black Lights and UV reactive paint. We can still build you a Black Light arena, but we don’t suggest it. During the 20+ years we operated with a black light UV painted arena, we repainted our arena way too many times and replaced hundreds of black light bulbs. Many Black Light arena operators wait too long to make their arenas look good again, because it’s a pain in the butt to repaint an arena that’s already open to the public AND it costs a lot of money.

It took a long time and a lot of dollars to get our LASERTRON LED Illuminated arenas to where they are at today, but it was worth the price. Most importantly, we aren’t finished and laser tag operators like yourself will continue to receive the ongoing benefits of owning a LASERTRON LED Illuminated arena.

Point of Sale (POS)

20 Plus Years of Development and Real World Use – Multi-Attraction Reservations, Restaurant, Bar, Kiosk, Time Clock, Schedule, Inventory, and much more. Software and installation is Free when you buy a LASERTRON Game System and Arena package. With package purchase, annual software support fee will be reduced by $800 (i.e. $3,750 – $800 = $2,950)

Online Reservations

Parties, Groups, Attractions, and Payments. Software and installation is Free when you choose a LASERTRON Game System and Arena package. With package purchase, annual software support fee will be reduced by $750 (i.e. $1,250 – $750 = $500)

Membership and Loyalty Software

Includes membership auto-renew payments (Monthly, Quarterly, Annual, etc). Software and installation is Free when you choose a LASERTRON Game System and Arena package. With package purchase, annual software support fee will be reduced by $750 (i.e. $1,250 – $750 = $500)

Double the Warranty

When you buy a minimum 30 Vest Game System and a 4,000 sq.ft. LED Illuminated Arena we will double the warranty on your LASERTRON game system.

LED Illuminated Arena Discount

Receive $1 dollar off per square foot on your LASERTRON LED Illuminated Arena when you choose a LASERTRON Game System and Arena Package.

8-Year Radius Protection

When you buy a minimum of 30 Vests and a 4,000 sq.ft. LED Arena, your center will receive an 8-Year Radius Protection. You will be the only operator in your area who can operate a LASERTRON game system and LASERTRON LED Illuminated Arena. With a LASERTRON Radius Protection, you are guaranteed to stand out from all the rest in your market area.

LASERTRON Operators’ Conference

Ongoing learning for existing owners, senior managers, and prospective operators.

Cyber Sport

A fun and competitive two team game that’s a combination of lacrosse and basketball played on highly maneuverable Cyber Cars. Patent protected features with radius protection. Buy one or more courts and your LASERTRON and Arena Radius Protection increases to 10 years.

Financing (Firestone and Live Oak Bank)

LASERTRON has established a relationship with two great sources for financing their laser tag and Cyber Sport attractions.

Firestone Financial has worked with many of our clients over the years. It is a quick, seamless process that gives you the ability to put down a minimum deposit and have affordable monthly payments. Our contact at Firestone is Spencer Norton. Spencer can be reached at 781-696-0966 or snorton@firestonefinancial.com.

Live Oak Bank and LASERTRON have also worked together on several projects for our clients. Live Oak is the second largest provider of SBA Loans in North America. Our contact at Live Oak is Mike Cairns and he can be reached at 910-550-2915 or mike.cairns@liveoakbank.com.

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