LASERTRON is the only company who designs their entertainment centers in-house and from the ground-up. Our in-house design team created our LASERTRON center in Rochester, NY utilizing the latest 3D design software.

Our attraction development and operational knowledge is what drives our designs, but the look and feel are also critical to creating a welcoming environment. The best designs enable our guests to feel welcome and comfortable while playing, eating, drinking, and socializing with their friends and family.

Below are the key factors to deveoping a great looking entertainment center that works:

Operational Knowledge – Knowing What To Do, How To Do It, and just as important What Not To Do are critical to the design and development of a successful center.
Facility Layout – We are good at figuring out where the puzzle pieces need to go to maximize the success of the overall center and all the pieces within it.
Design vs Function – We help you to understand and balance the conflicting forces of Design vs Function.
3D Design – You can’t fix problems you don’t see. Using 3D design, we can help you see the problems before it’s too late and/or too expensive to fix.

LASERTRON designs from years of experience and understands what it takes to create, operate, and manage a successful entertainment center for the long-term.

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