Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing is a target sport, similar to darts, where people face off against each other and try to throw their axe into the target.

For several years, we kept a close eye on axe throwing to see if it had the necessary elements to become a long-term money earner for out-of-home entertainment. In 2020, we concluded the answer was “yes” – so we designed our own high-end version of Axe Throwing.

In May of 2021, we installed 8 lanes of axe throwing in our Rochester venue. We spent about 6 months developing the look and feel of our Axe Throwing attraction as well as the target displays, scoring software, and necessary hardware. Our main goal during the design process was to gamify the playing experience while significantly upscaling the overall look and feel. 

We integrated bar-height booth seating, bar-height tables, barstools, and black powder coated heavy gauge steel dividers to create a high-end look and feel. We also incorporated full Axe Throwing protection for each individual lane as well as back of lane protection for guests sitting and socializing in the viewing area. 

Here are some of the many High-end Axe Throwing installations we have completed with many more on the way.

In addition, we integrated high quality laser projectors to create a multitude of high resolution and brightly illuminated target displays with recognizable, easy to understand, fun and entertaining games.
Our core goal was to create a high-end boutique style Axe Throwing experience that dramatically separated us from all the other axe throwing options in our market area (most other axe throwing setups are low budget concepts that are constructed of wood and chain link fence materials purchased from local lumber yards and fencing suppliers).

We currently have (20+) Axe Throwing Game Formats. We will be releasing several additional game formats over the next 6 months. 

Game Modes:

Holiday Themed

Get festive with our Holiday Themed Games!

Our Axe Throwing game formats utilize a touch screen display interface that keeps track of the team and individual player scores. The game scores are projected onto a large scoreboard above the Axe Target Area. Both the touch screen and scoreboard show the photo and name of the current player throwing in each lane as well as the next player up.

Our Axe Throwing experience is also fully incorporated into our Center Manager Pro POS and Kiosk software. Players register at one of our sign-in kiosks or their smartphone. They enter their name, code name, player photo, email/phone number, and electronically sign a waiver. At the end of a session, all players are emailed their score card for all the games they played, which they can then share with their friends or family.

There is still much more in our development pipeline that will continue to take our Axe Throwing attraction to higher and higher levels of fun. These improvements will help to maximize the social side of our Axe Throwing experience. 

Important note: The Axe Throwing experience can be done in a relatively small footprint, which enables operators to generate higher revenue per square foot than many other attractions. 

The reason the above note is so important is that we need to realize competition is going to heat up quickly for Axe Throwing everywhere, which means mediocre Axe Throwing experiences aren’t going to cut it if we want to make money for the long-term. 

The same goes for only having a few axe throwing lanes. If we want our entertainment venues to be known as the premier place to go for Axe Throwing, then we better create Axe Throwing experiences that ARE significantly better than all the rest. 

If you would like to purchase LASERTRON’s Axe Throwing attraction please contact Greg Watches at 716-748-6430 or Ann Kessler at 305-257-3930.

Center Manager Pro

Our Center Manager Pro software is another important tool that elevates our Axe Throwing experience to a much higher level. It makes EVERYTHING Work BETTER – especially if the goal is to enhance and maximize our guests ability to enjoy our Axe Throwing experience with their friends and family. 

Our newest and most important Center Manager software features are 100% focused on enhancing and magnifying our Attraction and Social Experiences as well as making it significantly easier for our guests to return for multiple visits.

If you want to learn more about our Center Manager Pro software please click here.

Axe Throwing Rules

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • All participants must agree to the Acknowledgement and Release Agreement
  • Closed-toe shoes are required for anyone entering the axe throwing area. High heels are not allowed
  • One Axe, One Target (only throw one axe at a time)
  • You must use the axes provided
  • One person per lane and no trick shots
  • Axes may not be removed from the fenced-in throwing areas
  • After retrieving your axe, return axe to magnet bar (do not give axe to next thrower)
  • Keep hands off the lane dividers
  • Before taking your turn, make sure you are the person “Throwing” (as shown on the screen) and you are in the correct lane
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the axe throwing lanes
  • Follow all instructions provided by the safety video and axe instructor
  • Any rules or safety violations may result in the immediate expulsion from the axe throwing area

Anyone with the following physical or mental conditions should exercise caution when playing:

  • Women who may be pregnant
  • Back, shoulder and/or neck ailments
  • Heart ailments
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Any other physical or mental condition that might be affected by playing or might prevent you from throwing the axe safely