Force the other team(s) to spell “VIKING” and then they must buy the winning team a round of ale!


  1. Just like playing H O R S E using a basketball, a team calls their shot and sticks the target, then the next team must hit the same target or their team gets a letter. If the team sticks the target, then the next team up must stick the same target until a team misses. The first team who misses gets a letter and the next team up gets to call the next shot
  2. If each team sticks the target and it goes all the way around to the original team, then the original team can call a new shot.
  3. If a team calls a shot and misses, then the next team gets to call a new shot.
  4. When a team spells VIKING, that team is eliminated and the remaining teams continue until there is only one team remaining.
  5. If the axe blade is touching the outer ring of the called shot, it counts.
  6. If your axe falls out of the board before the score is determined, the shot counts as a miss.