Arena Pricing

Additional Bonus Incentives for Selecting a LASERTRON Game System and LED Illuminated Arena

Double the Warranty

When you buy a minimum 36 Vest Game System and a 5,300 sq. foot LED Illuminated Arena
we will double the warranty on your LASERTRON game system to 24‐Months.

LED Illuminated Arena Discount

Receive $1 dollar off per square foot on your LASERTRON LED Illuminated Arena when you choose a LASERTRON Game System and Arena Package.

8-Year Radius Protection

When you buy an LT-12.9 LASERTRON Game System and a LASERTRON LED Illuminated Arena,
your center will receive an 8‐Year Radius Protection. You will be the only operator in your
radius area who can operate a LASERTRON game system and a LASERTRON LED Illuminated
Arena. With a LASERTRON Radius Protection, you are guaranteed to stand out from all the
rest in your market area.

LASERTRON Operators’ Conference

Ongoing learning for existing owners, senior managers, and prospective operators.

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