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Center Manager Pro plus Point of Sale System

LASERTRON developed its first Point of Sale (POS) system 20+ years ago to run their company-owned entertainment centers. Center Manager Pro POS Software Suite keeps track of all incoming payments plus scheduling of parties, groups, and even individual players. It also tracks the number of available time slots for each individual attraction and much more.

Also recently released is the newest and most extensive Center Manager Pro update ever. The entire software suite was completely redeveloped from the ground up. It’s currently operating in both of LASERTRON’s company-owned stores

CMP LiteCMP Lite+Full CMP
Attraction Management Learn More
Party Management Learn More
POS for Kitchen, Café & Bar Management Learn More
Intercard Integration Learn More
Time Clock & Staff Scheduling Management Learn More
Guest Registration & Waivers Learn More
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Learn More
Online Offers & Marketing Learn More
Facilities Management Learn More
Inventory Management Learn More
Reporting Learn More
Online Reservations Learn More
Time-Based Offers / Membership & Loyalty Module Learn More
Tournament Software Learn More
Bulk Emails per month Learn More00250,000
Annual Fees (monthly payments available)$2,700$5,250$8,000

If you do $300,000 in online reservation sales, $5,250 annually is just 1.8% of online reservation sales as compared to 6%+ for other online reservation software companies ($18,000), a savings of $12,750 per year in online reservation fees alone! Don’t let their “Free” software fool you, that 6% adds up quickly!

Multiple Locations? Contact for pricing discounts.

Need to send more emails? Add $50 per 100,000 messages per month.

Center Manager Pro 5.5 plus POS System

Attraction Management

New! Upcoming Attraction Availability Display: Add a display to your lobby showing guests upcoming available time slot capacities. Include a QR code guests can scan to make reservations in their favorite attractions.
Variable time-length reservations for air parks and roller skating. Multi-lane reservations for bowling and axe throwing.
Attraction Scheduling & Reservations: Quickly make reservations in one or more attractions. Reserve multiple attractions and split the reservation across multiple attractions. Create age-restricted time slots for appropriate play (with full CMP).
Cash out reservations saving purchase information for future reference (with CMP Lite+).
Online reservations book directly into your attraction resources (with CMP Lite+).

Party Management

Event Itineraries: Print a scannable QR Code or send via SMS to party host that links to a custom website with that event’s server information and event itinerary (with full CMP).
Party & Group Packages: Create event packages that automatically load specific items into the reservation account and auto-fill information into confirmation email templates.
Party List: Create an automated report of the day’s parties and events. Assign managers and servers to individual events. Display party, food, and arcade packages. Include notes, automated food times, attraction play times and quick links to view completed satisfaction surveys.
Tablet-Ready Party, Event Surveys: Create a custom digital survey for your parties and events. Allow the host to complete the survey on-the-spot with an optional Amazon Kindle. Surveys can also be emailed or texted to your guest with the click of a button. Receive instant feedback and send an instant thank you email. Create a custom offer to include in the thank you via email.

POS for Kitchen, Café & Bar Management

New! Customer Facing Displays: Prompt guests for gratuity on a customer facing display at your point of sale. Optional automatic gratuity percentage calculation.
New! Gratuity & Service Charge Management: Set or variable gratuity and service charge for events. Select what categories of items are included in your calculation.
New! Bonus Value: Create multiple promotional or gift card values that can be redeemed for categories of items that you specify. Set expirations on unused promotional values.
Online Ordering: Create an online ordering menu where guests can create and pay for their own order. Add table numbers to your seating area and allow guests to scan a QR code to access your online food menu and the kitchen bump system will know what table placed the order (with full CMP).
Staff Paging: In conjunction with table numbering, staff can be paged when tables request service or when table orders are completed (with full CMP).
POS System: Create and edit over 99,000 unique items for adding to touch-friendly screens.
Quick Sale for Café & Bar Transactions: Create countless colorful buttons and nested screens. Add your own images to button backgrounds. Create buttons that add notes to items sold for seamless kitchen communication.
Multiple Tax Rates: Assign up to 3 different tax rates to your item categories.
Create, Split & Combine Café & Bar Tabs: Maintain multiple open tabs simultaneously.
Bump Screen Hold Orders: Let your guests order before their attractions and have it ready when they exit. Quick buttons to add Hold Times on food orders. Bump Screen will show countdown until Hold Orders are due (with full CMP).
Bump Screen Reports: Detailed and Summary views to track how long orders are taking to exit the kitchen. Quick links on detailed reports to review each order. Hold times backed out of reports for accuracy (with full CMP).

Intercard Integration:

LASERTRON CMP has one of the most thorough integrations with Intercard’s Debit Card System. 

Membership Types: Monthly Prepaid and Recurring Player Cards can access Intercard’s discount play system. Offer your best guests the ability to receive discounted game play during their subscription period.
Cash & Cash Bonus: Load and remove Intercard Cash and Cash Bonus from player cards directly from your CMP POS terminal.
Token & Token Bonus: Load Intercard play tokens for attractions directly from your CMP POS terminal.
Points: Also known as “redemption tickets.” The CMP can load and remove Intercard Points. CMP can also assign a value to Intercard Points and redeem Points for purchases just like cash.
Timeplay & Blocked Access: Create timeplay definitions in Intercard and assign those definitions to player cards directly in the CMP POS. In Intercard you can group arcade games into a time play definition (Blocked Access). Players with active timeplay cards can play those games an unlimited number of times during their time play period. Intercard also allows you to limit the velocity of timeplay use for each individual game. For example, you can add a length of play definition for each game and prevent the card from being used at another game during that length of play. CMP also has the ability to pause timeplay on demand.
Gate Access: Create Gate Access definitions in Intercard that act as attraction credits that can be used for specific attraction readers. Load Gate Access directly in the CMP POS.
Bulk Encoding: Bulk Encode Intercard Cash, Cash Bonus, Tokens, Token Bonus, Points, Time Play, Blocked Access & Gate Access onto all (or selected) player cards in a reservation with the click of a button within the CMP POS.
Intercard Cashless Technology

Time Clock & Staff Scheduling Management

Employee and Manager Review Modules: Employee and Manager Review Modules: Create and perform periodic employee and manager reviews. Allow employees to access their anonymous ratings and comments.
Employee Performance Ratings: Ratings are calculated automatically based on demerits (assign demerits for late arrivals, incomplete uniform, etc), guest survey scores, and employee review scores.
Employee Management List: View profile photos of your team, their performance rating, and send individual messages.
Employee Messaging System: Send employees texts, emails, or internal notifications within the Center Manager Pro
Time Clock & Staff Scheduling: Create schedule templates. Create shift types with default pay scale to quickly see estimated and expected labor percentages. Fully, partially, and unpaid break definitions. Customizable manager overrides for unscheduled, early or late punches. Quickly add missed punches (with required manager override and reason).
Moderate Time-Off & Availability Requests: Allow employees to locally or remotely request time off or update their availability. Requests may be viewed and approved with proper access. History of Time-Off Requests for quick reference. Availability & Time-Off Requests automatically feed into schedule templates.
Shift Drop-Add Function: Employees may request to drop a shift. The manager with schedule access receives en email notification and, if approved, chooses from a list of employees with training sufficient for the dropped shift type to send an SMS invite to claim the dropped shift. Employees can log onto their remote access account to manage requesting dropped shifts, viewing their schedule, and accepting dropped shift invitations to claim. Once claimed, the dropped shift is updated on the schedule automatically and the employee requesting the drop is sent an SMS relieving them of their shift.

Guest Registration & Waivers

Mobile Waivers: Print QR codes or have guests scan the QR code on their Intercard Player Card to complete their waiver with their mobile phone (with CMP Lite+).
Show Playing Times with SMS Alerts: When the guest completes registration, their play times will be displayed on-screen. Add SMS Integration and provide the guest the ability to enter their 10-digit mobile number to receive notification when it’s time to play (with CMP Lite+).
User-Entered Codenames: Let your guests enter their own gamer tags. You’ll have the ability to monitor, edit, and permanently block inappropriate names from viewing.
Collect Guest Information & Permission to Send Email Marketing: As guests fill out their waivers, they’ll be asked permission to receive marketing emails. Take advantage of permission-based marketing and leverage your existing customers.
Custom Member Photos: Allow your guests to take photos to go along with their gamer tags. Use the photo with their Time-Based Offers / Membership to confirm member identification. Dual Photo functionality allows for both a public photo and separate hidden private photo for use in identification.
Facility Waiver Acknowledgement: Have the guest agree to your facility’s policies by electronically signing the waiver.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Database: Maintain a database of every guest that plays an attraction or makes a reservation. Quickly assign new cards or replace lost cards. Review history of visits and quickly access signed waivers.
Card History & Balance Transfers: View player card history and balances (with Intercard Integration). Require manager overrides to transfer balances (with full CMP).
Integrated directly with Customer Database & Reservation System: View previous reservations from each customer. If the guest makes a new reservation, it is automatically included in the guest history and the reservation is hyper-linked for quick access from the guest profile (with CMP Lite+).
Schedule Tasks & Follow-up with Contacts: Schedule important follow-up tasks for individual guests. Employees with proper access will receive on-screen notifications of important tasks (with full CMP).
Add Searchable Tags to Customers: Create unlimited tags to customize your database searches. Have groups that come every July? Add a tag called “July” for quick access to these important contacts.
Create Bulk Mail Lists Based on Tags: Available with the Bulk Email Enhanced Module – Use your tags to create custom email lists to send out the same email offer to similar groups.
Maintain History of Notes: Every guest detail page comes with a note history where you can include important information for future reference.
Maintain History of Sent Emails: Include the custom BCC email address for your CMP POS system when you send emails from your email provider and that email will be saved in the POS customer profile for future reference.

Online Offers & Marketing Management

Happy Hour Management: Set days of the week and times of those days for a “Happy Hour” pricing schedule. Employees will use the same buttons as the regular pricing schedule and the price will adjust automatically for the Happy Hour special.
Gift & Promo Cards: Sell Gift Cards and Create Promo Cards. Set custom expiration dates. Promo Cards may be loaded with any sellable item and you can limit which employees may create Promo Cards. Create secure items that may not be purchased with Gift or Promo Cards.
On-Line Deal Sales: Create countless offers and generate custom links for purchasing offers. Great for offering holiday gift card specials.
Promo Items: Create redeemable and scannable codes to include in your Bulk Mail messages. Codes are unique to the recipient and you can track who has and hasn’t redeemed their codes. Codes can be created for free or discounted amounts.
Optional Unique Code Names: Offer your guests the ability to reserve unique code names. Earn additional income by charging a fee for specified lengths of time that your guest may reserve their preferred code name.

Facilities Management

New! Document Storage: Store important documents in general purpose directories or directly in a reservation. Upload signed agreements and banquet event orders. Set expirations on documents in general storage.
Daily Staff Position Report: View the staff scheduled for the day. Adjust start and end times. Add break times. Assign staff pagers.
Closing Checklist & Grading: Create a checklist by department where individual staff mark completed items. Morning openers confirm and rate completed items. Increase accountability.
Scheduled Tasks Manager: Each day every facility has scheduled maintenance and cleaning tasks. Manage those daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks using the Scheduled Tasks Manager. Assign tasks to specific employees and receive nightly notifications of incomplete tasks.
Problem Log: Keep track of issues in your facility with a database of Problem Logs. Easily search repair history of specific games, attractions and equipment. Receive instant emails of every Log adjustment.
Cashless Option with Bill Acceptor Software: Removes the need for cashiers to touch cash. Change will be loaded directly onto the player’s card (with Intercard Integration). Requires purchase of Lasertron CMP Bill Acceptor hardware.
3rd Party Integration with Intercard Debit Card System: Load Arcade Bonus, Intercard Cash, Time Play, Gate Entry Passes & Redemption Points directly onto the player’s card from the CMP POS. Use Intercard Cash and Redemption Points to make in-store purchases.
Card Recycler: Reuse recycled cards by swiping in our Card Recycler function. This removes the card number from the customer profile without losing history on that customer. The card Recycler function also wipes Intercard information from the card.
Multi-Location: Maintain and access multiple locations synched through one cloud server. Lookup guests from any location. View reservations from any location (with proper access level). Allow Gift, Promo & Arcade cards to be used at each location.
Cloud & Local Server Synchronization: If your internet goes down, experience zero POS downtime with your synched local server. Once internet is restored, your servers will automatically re-sync with our custom synchronization software.
Customer Question Surveys: Receive feedback on your marketing efforts by triggering a survey when a specific item is rung in. Want to know where a guest received an offer? Have a pop-up survey appear on the screen for your employee to ask the guest.
Employee Rewards System: Require employee card validation to receive employee pricing. Or setup an employee rewards system. Add reward dollars onto employee cards and receive detailed reports of what that money was used for to help fill out payroll taxes. Reward employees for length of service or for going above and beyond.
Facility Digital Sign Display Management: With the LASERTRON display computer add-ons, you can manage your facility’s digital displays from inside the POS. Upload your custom display screens to the POS and define which signs they display on. Create slideshows of multiple images and define how long each individual image shows before changing to the next.

Inventory Management

Quickly Take Inventory by Department: Define multiple storage areas. Save mid-inventory and quickly see percentage completion of each storage area.
Inventory Liquor Bottles by Weight: Count Liquor by Full Bottles and by weight. Enter tare weight of bottle and pourer for more accurate accounting.
Create Pars & Automatically Build Orders by Vendor: Create a minimum par for each item as well as a minimum order for each item. Once Inventory is Complete, your order report will generate automatically. Override order numbers for items you know you’ll need more than par.
Log Incoming Orders: Enter incoming inventory by vendor as they arrive. Update item costs at the same time.
Add Inventory Items to PLUs to Track Shrinkage: Tie quantities of food inventory to specific PLUs to monitor product loss/waste.


Export Reports to Excel: For quick upload to your accounting software of choice.
Manager Overrides Reports: Keep track of manager overrides. All overrides also require a user-entered reason that will be provided on the reports.
Reservation Reports: View reservations over custom date ranges. View chronologically or by creation date. Export into Excel and sort by any field.
Transaction History & Recall: Quickly view the list of the day’s transactions. View Open and Closed Transactions. Reopen closed transactions with manager override for corrections, additions, or refunds (with CMP Lite+).
Inventory Usage, Valuation & Loss: View reports on inventory usage, ordering, current value of your inventory. Inventory loss if those items were included in PLUs (with full CMP).
Party & Event Survey Reports: Using the optional tablet-ready surveys, view survey scores by manager and by event server (with full CMP).
Daily Snapshot: View a snapshot of the day’s sales, attraction counts, the weather, labor percentage estimate, player ages & manager-entered notes (with full CMP).
Arcade Report: Utilize the Intercard integration to view the individual game sales & payout percentages (with full CMP).

Online Reservations & Deposits Module

Split Deposit Payments: Allow guests to share the deposit burden with their friends (with full CMP).
Referral Rewards: Allow guests to earn rewards for referring friends to make reservations (with full CMP).
Online Booking Discount Codes: Offer discounts per player, per event, % off reservation, and tax exemption. Limit codes by reservation type, quantity, dates, and day of week (with full CMP).
Online Reservations (Individual Players & Birthday Parties): Allow guests to reserve attraction space directly in your reservation system.
Game Type Selection: Allow your guests to choose which game format is their favorite by automatically including the game format name and description on the list of available time slots.
Create Custom Birthday Party Packages for Online Booking: Simply add the package builder link to your own website and add custom images to your package buttons. You can define all the details of the party or allow the guest to customize their own package (with full CMP).
Online Deposit Payments: Guarantee attendance by taking deposits during the reservation process
Reservations are Booked Directly in the POS Schedule in Real-Time: Utilize session codes to customize which time slots are available for online viewing. Allow the guests to see how many spots are remaining in each time slot. Intelligent booking prevents guests from accidentally booking simultaneous attractions.
Online Waivers: Shorten lobby lines and speed up the check-in process with online waivers. Provide events and reservations with a link specific to their reservation allowing them to fill out their facility waivers online. Completed waivers will flow into their reservation where you can easily add player cards directly to their customer information.
Email Invitations and Guest RSVP System: Allow your party host to create an online profile, select from up to 8 invitation templates, invite guests and monitor their RSVP status. Integrated with Online Waivers, their guests will be required to complete their waivers if they RSVP “Yes.” You will be able to track the progress of RSVPs from within the reservation view as well. Take the initiative and contact pending events when their RSVP count is low (with full CMP).

Time-Based Offers / Membership & Loyalty Module

Pre-Paid & Recurring Time-Based Offers / Membership: Customize the term-length of your Time-Based Offers / Memberships. Have the guest pre-pay for a specified term or take a credit card for recurring revenue.
Programmable Terms: Create monthly, annual, two-month minimum, three-month minimum, etc, recurring Time-Based Offers / Membership plans.
Parent/Child Time-Based Offers / Membership Linking: Create multiple Time-Based Offers / Memberships at one time. Allow one individual to manage all linked Time-Based Offers / Memberships with an online account.
Auto-Renew Payments: The system will automatically charge recurring Time-Based Offers / Memberships on their renewal date. All recurring payments are handled securely.
Reward System for Validating In-Store Purchases: Reward members for auxiliary purchases. Create multiple rewards levels and the system will automatically email the guest when they have earned a reward.
Monthly & Daily Loadable Benefits & Programmable Discounted Pricing Tiers: Provide Members with discounted pricing on specific items with Tiered Pricing in PLUs. Also, create Time-Based Offers / Memberships with benefits like daily arcade time play or monthly arcade cash that gets loaded at the time of each renewal.

Battle Royale Tournament Management Module

Automatic Rankings and Qualification Management: Configure your Battle Royale Tournament and specify how many entrants may qualify from each round. The system will automatically calculate and schedule the number of rounds necessary for the Tournament Event Finals and assign qualifiers to their specific Finals Round(s).
Automatic Qualifiers: Encourage guests to play in multiple qualifying sessions by rewarding the top qualifiers. Designate the top X qualifiers to automatically advance to the championship round. Ties in qualifiers will be decided by who won their last qualifying round first. Guests will want to break that tie by playing and qualifying again.
Tournament Payout management: You set the minimum payout for the Tournament and how much percent each place finisher receives. Your Sales reports will break out tournament income and tournament payouts.
Online Tournament registration and up-to-date standings: Your location will have its own customized tournament standings and registration page. Guests will be able to view prior tournament results & payouts as well as make reservations and pay deposits for upcoming Qualifying sessions

Center Manager Pro Bulk Emails

New! Create Shareable URLs directly from a created message.
New! Create Automated Lists based on attractions played..
Create Automated Birthday mailers.
Create Promo Codes and add to your messages. Each recipient will receive a unique code for redeeming the promotion (with full CMP).
Schedule messages in advance.
Generate Email Lists from Kiosk Registration Software
Add Guests to Lists Based on Play Date, Time-Based Offers / Membership Status, Items Purchased, CRM Tags, Age & DOB
Upload your own Email Lists
Email Directly from the POS: Inside each guest’s details you have the ability to send a direct email. All emails sent from the POS are stored for quick future reference.
Upload Your Own HTML Email Templates

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