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Ed Florian, Owner/Operator
“The new 12.5 game system is UNBELIEVABLE!! I really enjoyed playing the NEW game format Headquarters and getting in an intense workout at the same time. The LED-Illuminated arena is out of this world and is definitely a game changer in the overall experience for the players. Thanks again for raising the bar and being the pacesetter in the laser tag industry!”

Ed Florian, Owner/Operator

Marc Mueller, Avid Player
“I have not had this much fun in 25 years! LASERTRON’s LED arenas coupled with its new game formats just blew me away. All the audio and visual elements combine to take the laser tag experience to a whole new level. This is a true game changer. I never fully understood the importance of lighting and sound until now...Blacklight arenas are Dead!”

Marc Mueller, Avid Player

Peter Murphy, Owner/Operator
LASERTRON’s new dynamic responsive LED-Arena becomes an integral part of the game in a way the old static black light arenas can never duplicate. LASERTRON’s new arena and game formats completely changes how laser tag will be played. In the future we will talk about the old static black light arenas the way we talk about Pong in the video game industry.”

Peter Murphy, Owner/Operator

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