Stars and Strikes Testimonial

Stars and Strikes Testimonial

Stars and Strikes chose LASERTRON’s new Programmable LED Interactive Arena & LT-12.9 Game System for their new Concord, NC Venue

This is the 15th location for the Georgia-based company founded by Jack Canouse and Chris Albano.

“Jack and I visited Concord today, and wanted to tell you the arena looks fantastic. Thanks for talking us into the LED concept…….seeing the arena through glass will pay big dividends. Great job!”

As Chris mentioned above, windows were designed into the attraction allowing guests from around the facility to view into the vesting room and arena from various angles. John Rizun, LASERTRON’s Project Manager, was on hand for training in Concord and relayed this comment from the Stars and Strikes technician:

“The tech on site told me that he loved all the arena displays and the arena layout. He also mentioned that the LED Arena was 3 times better than their other black light UV painted arenas.”

The LASERTRON LED Arenas are designed to fully immerse players into the gaming experience by changing, reacting and adjusting to what players are doing during game play. For example, LASERTRON’s new LED LT-X3 Arena Controllers coordinate with the Game Computer to control individual Sectors in the arena. Each Sector can be a Base, Domination Sector, Headquarter, Hill, Gate, Power-Up Sector, Recharge and Re-Spawn area, and much more.

“It’s wonderful to see another client so pleased with their new LED illuminated arena. Even after 9 years of working together, it’s great to take our relationship up several notches by offering a 10x experience for the Stars & Strikes team and their guests! No other company is doing what we are doing. Our LASERTRON team has taken old style black light UV painted laser tag arenas and game play and brought both into the 21st century!” 

Jim Kessler, President of LASERTRON

A LASERTRON LED Façade was also designed and installed for the exterior of the attraction. The façade and large scoreboards display what is going on inside the arena.

For example, if the red team is winning the LED facade lighting will turn red. The facade’s scoreboard displays and lighting effects draw guests attention to the attraction which helps increase revenue.

“Loved it! We clearly believe the added revenue from this arena will pay for itself. Thanks for pushing us!” 

Jack Canouse, Managing Partner of Stars and Strikes

Learn more about how LASERTRON can help you provide your guests with dramatically more interactive and engaging gaming experiences.

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