Introducing – LASERTRON Supply Drops!

Introducing – LASERTRON Supply Drops! 

(Along with 28 New & Updated Power-Ups) 

Supply Drops are now Fully Integrated into LASERTRON’s Programmable LED Illuminated Arenas with Sectors

After 12 months of development and real-world testing in our LASERTRON LED Illuminated Arena in our Buffalo entertainment center, LASERTRON’s Supply Drops are now fully operational in our Buffalo and Rochester, New York venues.

Just like first-person shooter video games played online by over a billion players, Supply Drops contain valuable items such as extra laser pulses, energy units, as well as other power-ups like Rapid Fire, Mega Blaster, and many more that can give players an advantage while playing. Most importantly, these Supply Drops can be picked up by any player – skilled or novice. 

In a LASERTRON Battle Royale Squad game, supply drops are announced and deployed at random times and locations throughout the arena. Players hear “Supply Drops Incoming” over the global arena sound system. 

Sectors receiving a Supply Drop will activate the lock-in audio effect and the entire sector illuminates blue with a white pulse. Immediately following the lock-in sound, a chirping audio effect is heard from the sector’s built-in sound system drawing players to the sector’s location. 

The first player to reach the sector will collect the Supply Drop. When a Supply Drop is collected it will activate immediately or be available in the player’s power-up menu. To access the menu, a player simply holds down the trigger and the Power-Up menu appears. Using the buttons on the front of the phaser, the player selects the Power-Up acquired and releases the trigger to activate it.

Update on Axe Throwing Enhancements

In-Game LED Lighting Effects

We recently implemented fully integrated Axe Throwing LED lighting effects, which significantly enhance game play. 

For example, the back of lane LED lighting pulses the team’s color who is currently throwing. The in-lane and back of lane LED lighting also highlights the team’s color that wins the round. 

Attract Mode

We also completed our automated LED lighting Attract Mode – just like arcade games have attract modes, we use our built-in lighting to attract more players. 

Our next software update will include integrated audio effects, which will further enhance our LED lighting effects during game play as well as during our attract mode.

Axe Throwing Scorecards

With our Center Manager Pro software package, scorecards are also available and can be emailed automatically to all registered players at the end of their axe throwing session. 

Current Lead Times are 3 to 4 Months

Multiple turnkey Axe Throwing attractions have been sold and are being installed over the next several months. Lead times vary based on the number of Axe Throwing attractions sold and scheduled for install. If you are interested in providing your guests with a high-end and truly unique turnkey Axe Throwing experience, please call Greg Watches (716) 836-0670 ext 330 or Ann Kessler at (305) 257-3930.

Coming Soon – LASERTRON’s September Conference

Play LASERTRON’s latest and greatest Battle Royale Squad with Supply Drops – LASERTRON’s laser tag is a turn-key, high-tech, fast-paced gaming experience played in a LASERTRON programmable, LED Illuminated Arena which is specifically designed to enhance the game and the interactions of the players.

In addition, check out our high-end boutique style Axe Throwing experience at our September conference. 

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