Laser Tag Arena Viewing Windows are a GIANT billboard that screams ‘PLAY ME!!!’

Laser Tag Arena Viewing Windows are a GIANT billboard that screams ‘PLAY ME!!!’

As a high-end laser tag equipment manufacturer and LED illuminated laser tag arena supplier, we realized we had the unique ability to provide prospective laser tag players and interested guests with the ability to SEE our brightly illuminated LED laser tag arenas in action. Incorporating large glassed-in viewing areas creates a GIANT billboard that screams ‘PLAY ME!!!’However, it had to be done in a way that maximized both the laser tag game play and viewing experience.

Enabling a laser tag arena to be seen and watched by our guests is very important and it’s by far the best way to promote the attraction within our entertainment venues; however, it’s critically important that we keep all the positives of the laser tag arena and playing experience while enabling the laser tag arena to be seen by the other guests within our entertainment venue. 

LASERTRON’s laser tag viewing window design goal was to dramatically improve the entire laser tag experience instead of just creating another mediocre solution.

To Haze or Not to Haze – that is the Question

If we try to use a hazer in an open air arena (i.e. no glass), the haze will escape into other parts of our center and it will set off our smoke detectors. 

Without the haze, then it’s not ‘laser’ tag, because you won’t be able to see the laser beams emitting out of each player’s phaser and through the air. 

The use of windows allows the use of a hazer inside the laser tag arena, because the windows keep the haze contained inside the arena.

Ambient Noises No windows = no control over ambient noises (i.e. arcade, loud music, etc). These external noises will distract the players in the arena and keep them from being totally immersed in the game. 

Another negative is that the laser tag sound effects, music tracks, and game announcements will be projected into the entertainment center. The projection of game sounds are likely to be distracting or annoying to the people near the open air arena.

The arena sounds will also be adjacent to the briefing and vesting areas, which will make it incredibly difficult to provide a quality briefing experience for our guests. If the players are distracted during the briefing, they may not hear the complete game instructions. If this happens, the players won’t have the very best playing experience.Best Way to Promote Your Laser Tag = Arena Viewing Windows

Arena viewing windows help to showcase our laser tag attractions while maintaining an extremely high-quality playing experience. 

Seeing laser beams streaking across the arena and right up to the glass windows will attract our guests over to the viewing area. Most importantly, it will turn watchers into players who will ultimately want to play again and again. 

Jack Canouse, Chris’s partner also commented. 

In addition, guests who are unable to play will finally have the ability to watch their friends and family playing the game.

Side note: If desired, you can project the sounds of the game to the area just outside the viewing windows. This can be accomplished by using a high quality microphone being positioned in the arena along with directional speakers above the viewing area. While this is an option, it isn’t necessary because the game’s sound effects, audio, and music can usually be heard through the viewing windows.

UV Black Light Glowing Effect is NOT Very Bright

Unfortunately, open air black light UV painted arenas still have the same inherent problem, which is the need to have very low-level lighting in all the areas surrounding the opening of the arena. This means you need to illuminate the area around the arena with MORE black lights or very low-level lighting to make sure you don’t wash out the black light UV effect in the arena.

Ultimately, LED illuminated arenas are the only way to go. LED illuminated arenas are dramatically brighter than static, UV painted arenas. In fact, LED illuminated arenas with large viewing windows work well with the typical ambient lighting used in a bar, restaurant, or arcade.

How do we know all the above is true?

Here’s just one example concerning the overlapping of ambient noises: 

At IAAPA we introduced our beta version for our new LASERTRON Battle Royale game experience. After setting up our booth and activating our LASERTRON arena, with multiple audio sources, and game gear, we quickly had neighboring booths concerned about the audio volume of our game experience. They asked us to turn down our speakers, which we did. 

Unfortunately turning down our audio announcements and sound effects made the game much harder to play, because all the sound effects, audio queues, and voice instructions were drowned out by the high levels of ambient noises in the convention center. 

In order to create the best playing experience for our guests, separation of the arena audio and sound effects from the ambient noises of the entertainment center is required to create the best playing experience. Glass viewing windows make this separation all possible.

Other Negatives of using UV black lights

UV lights can be irritating to many people’s eyes especially staff members who are exposed to the light for long periods of time while reffing games.
The UV lights are what causes the UV paint to glow, but the UV lights also cause all the UV painted obstacles and wall murals to fade. Over time, the UV light bleaches and fades the paint. The more black lights you add or the brighter the UV lights used – the faster the paint fades. This means UV painted arenas have to be repainted more often – ultimately costing big dollars (i.e. $55,000 to $75,000 for the typical laser tag arena). 

UV painted arenas are also fake looking because they have a cartoony look to them. 

The Future is LED Illumination

Once we stopped using UV black lights in our arenas and switched to 100% LED illuminated arenas, we didn’t have to worry about the fading of our durable, UV reactive arena components. We also no longer had to worry about the bleaching and fading of our UV painted wall murals, because we also switched to using LED lighting to illuminate the arena walls.

Programmable LED Arena

For 5 plus years 100% of our North American clients have chosen our LASERTRON LED Arena.

Over 85% of a LASERTRON LED arena is programmable and can be changed to any color. We simply program the lighting effects desired into our game play scenarios. In addition, we can pulse, flash, strobe, flicker, increase or decrease the brightness level of our LED arenas and much more using our RGB LED lighting. 

Switching from black light UV arenas to 100% LED illuminated arenas where the lighting effects are programmable and fully integrated into the attraction experience was a game changer. Most importantly, it was an impressive upgrade for our clients’ arenas and especially their guests.

Top Five Games Played On-Line Brought into the Real World

LASERTRON’s Top Five Games are now Headquarters, Domination, King of the Hill, Team Base, and our NEW LASERTRON Battle Royale. These are by far our most immersive and unique gaming experiences available today and far surpass what VR will ever be able to replicate. 

Why are we capable of creating far superior Laser Tag Experiences than Virtual Reality (VR)? 

With our LASERTRON LED illuminated arenas, we are able to create a totally REAL and immersive Real Reality (iRR) for human beings and game formats that are highly social and Out-of-Home Only!

Lifetime Warranty on all LASERTRON Arena Obstacles 

Once we eliminated UV lighting from our arenas, we were able to dramatically increase our arena warranty. We now provide our clients with a Lifetime Warranty on all our arena components. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this article!

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