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LASERTRON – Ultimate Turn-key Laser Tag Experiences

LASERTRON is the ONLY laser tag equipment manufacturer and laser tag arena supplier who provides entertainment center operators with a complete turn-key laser tag experience by providing its LASERTRON LT-12.9 laser tag equipment, which is fully integrated into LASERTRON’s programmable 100% LED illuminated laser tag arenas.

LASERTRON’s turn-key laser tag systems and arenas enable an entertainment center’s guests to experience “for real” the five most popular first person shooter games played online by over 100 million gamers in the United States (Battle Royale Solo/Squads, Headquarters, Domination, Team Base, and King of the Hill).

LASERTRON’s fully autonomous Battle Royale Tournament laser tag arena experience enables players to battle it out to become the sole surviving squad or player. Multiple Battle Royale Tournament Events can be run simultaneously in the same LASERTRON laser tag arena session for both Adult and Youth events.  

LASERTRON’s newest branded laser tag arena experience far surpasses all other unbranded laser tag arenas.

It’s important to note that a newly branded laser tag arena at one specific location is not a brand, it’s an island hanging out by itself with little ability to pull in outside guests. Why? Because a single laser tag arena with a newly trademarked name has zero name recognition to almost everyone. 

The words “laser tag” are not a brand – it’s just a mediocre description of what is almost always a mediocre laser tag experience. 

Most entertainment center operators in our industry have heard of Laser Quest, which is/was a laser tag arena brand. Unfortunately, Laser Quest was milked for 20+ years and was barely improved upon during its existence. Ultimately, the lack of any significant improvement to their laser tag experience is why Laser Quest was on the decline, then Covid-19 hit and put Laser Quest out of its misery.

Creating a highly successful laser tag arena brand is really a bi-product of doing several other things extremely well.

Peter Thiel along with Blake Masters wrote a book called Zero to One. In their book they talked about how to create a monopoly business. They focused on 4 Key Factors that are critically important to creating a monopoly, which are Proprietary Technology, Network Effects, Economies of Scale, and lastly Branding. 

Let’s take a brief look at all four factors using laser tag as the example:

Proprietary Technology

  • 10x or at least a 2x improvement that is recognized as being far better than what currently exists in the marketplace. In other words, a new laser tag experience that captures the attention of existing laser tag players, generates renewed interest from past players, and attracts many new first time players. Creating and providing our guests with a laser tag experience that is dramatically better is Key #1.

Network Effects

  • Referral growth that is generated by new and existing laser tag players because they actively promote and share the unbelievable laser tag experience they recently had with their friends, family, and followers. If a laser tag arena experience is dramatically better, addictive to play, and is designed to become a habit, then network effects are much more likely to occur and exponential growth is likely. LASERTRON is currently working on new reservation guest features and incentives that will be available soon. The reservation software will enable network effects to occur more rapidly – especially with our 10x LASERTRON laser tag arena designs and the game formats that are fully integrated into them. 

Economies of Scale

  • For attractions that are staff efficient and have a large player capacity (i.e. larger multi-level laser tag arenas), when utilization goes up the costs per dollar of additional revenue go down. The key is having large capacity 10x attraction experiences that drive significant repeat play, which helps to maximize the hourly and daily capacity. Highly adaptive reservation software is also key to maximizing a laser tag arena’s capacity. 


  • The key is owning and operating a unique, identifiable, well-known laser tag brand that stands out in a very crowded marketplace of sameness – the vast majority of all laser tag arenas are black light UV painted arenas. With a fully branded LASERTRON laser tag experience with its highly differentiated LT-12.9 Game System, 30 unique Power-Ups, an LED illuminated laser tag arena, along with the Top 5 most popular online game formats fully programmed into the arena, word of mouth growth is much more likely to occur as the number of avid fans diligently work to bring in more and more of their friends, family, and followers.

Based on all the above, LASERTRON will continue to be obsessively focused on being the only laser tag equipment manufacturer and laser tag arena supplier who provides entertainment center operators with a fully branded LASERTRON turn-key laser tag arena experience

In our next newsletter, we will talk about LASERTRON’s continuing quest to create truly superior, habit-forming laser tag arena experiences utilizing our proprietary Center Manager Pro software. 

LASERTRON’s Center Manager Pro software along with our 1-Month Player Options (with Credits) help to drive higher levels of repeat play because guests are unable to use all their credits on their initial visit. This provides every guest with a reason to come back again within a month.

The software system also provides incentives to guests who invite more of their friends, family, and followers each time they make a reservation. A more detailed review of the many proprietary benefits of our software system will be revealed at our next Conference in May.

LASERTRON Conference Reboot: 

Tuesday & Wednesday May 18-19, 2021

LASERTRON’s Laser Tag Conference is the only one that obsessively focuses on just one thingHelping the best entertainment center operators to create truly unique, addictive, habit-forming, branded, turn-key laser tag and arena experiences for their guests.

Seats are limited, please email to reserve now.

Visit our Laser Tag Conference page for details!

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