Center Manager Pro

LASERTRON developed its first Point of Sale (POS) system 20+ years ago to run our company owned entertainment centers. Center Manager Pro keeps track of all incoming payments, plus scheduling of parties, groups, and even individual players. It also tracks the number of available time slots for each individual attraction and much more.

We recently released our newest and most extensive Center Manager Pro update ever. Our entire software suite was completely redeveloped from the ground up. It’s currently operating in both our company owned stores and will be available July 15th to all our current LASERTRON POS operators. Center Manager Pro will be available for general release starting September 1st and will be on display at the IAAPA trade show this coming November.

Center Manager Pro is Linux based and utilizes the MySQL database and provides users with a highly stable and robust operating system.

Below is a partial list of the features included in Center Manager Pro:

Point of Sale (POS)

  • Quick Sale
  • Override Reports
  • Reservation Reports
  • View Transactions
  • Configuration (stations)
  • System Configuration
  • Attraction Scheduling
  • Party and Group Types
  • Tabs (open, save, split, partial, view closed, and reopen)
  • Third Party Interfaces
  • Kitchen Bump Screens (w/notes, pager numbers)
  • Pagers (attractions, order up, etc.)
  • Gift Cards
  • Search Functions (last name, email, phone, and booking ID)
  • Calendar
  • Time Clock & Staff Schedule
  • Cashless Option (w/bill acceptors at all payment stations)
  • Card Balances (view, combine, and delete)
  • Memberships (parent/child, auto-renew, time-based, rewards, etc.)
  • PLU Creation (parents, dual tax rates, tiers, etc.)
  • Inventory
  • Payment Types
  • Sales Reports
  • Load Promo Cards (skip, clear, or add)
  • Multi-location design using the Cloud
  • and a whole lot more...

Kiosk Registration

  • Sign In
  • Show Playing Times w/Text Reminder
  • Player Codename
  • Email, address, phone, etc.
  • Customer/Member Photo
  • Waiver

Online Reservations and Payments

  • Online Reservations (players, parties, and groups)
  • Online Payments (deposits and payments for players, parties, and groups)
  • Reservations (booked directly into the Point of Sale schedule also books out the available attraction slots)
  • Email, address, phone, etc.
  • Customer/Member Photo
  • Waiver

Membership and Rewards

  • Programmable Terms and Renewal Dates
  • Parent/Child Membership Types
  • Auto-Renew Payments
  • Auto-Add Bonus Rewards on Member Cards
  • Terms of Service (electronic signature available with bill acceptor hardware)

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