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Cyber Sport Details

12 Cyber Cars (5 on 5 play + 2 spare cars), bumper system for 56 x 36 court (2,016 sq. ft.), target goals, referee station, sound system, projector, iPad, and scoring computer (request Exhibit A for more details) = $199,950.



12-Month “Bumper to Bumper” “24-Month “Battery Warranty”
120 days from time of deposit
1 week per court
Software Support Fee:
1 Court per center = $2,500 per year Each additional court per center = $1,000 per year (All first year’s licensing fees are included with purchase)
Territory Developers:
Development rights for Cyber Sport are sold for $10,000 dollars per million people when securing development rights for under 5 million people and $7,500 dollars per million people when securing development rights for over 5 million people. Development rights are good for 12 months. Development rights are not required if a contract to purchase (x) number of Cyber Sport courts in a designated area is executed with a 50% deposit as well as a set timetable for delivery of the specified number of courts purchased.
Car Size:
Approximately 40 inches (1.01 meters) wide x 60 inches (1.52 meters) long.
Court Size:
56 feet x 36 feet = 2,016 sq. ft. (5 on 5).
Ceiling Height:
A minimum of 15 feet (4.57 meters) from floor to ceiling is required. An acoustical drop ceiling at 15’ or higher is also suggested.
Garage Size:
10’ x 17’ (170 sq.ft.) (2 Cyber Sport cars with a workbench area of 2’-8” x 5’ and storage under workbench for any spare parts and tools, etc.) Please note that depending on number of courts and other factors, the garage size may need to be adjusted.
36 Volt Model (w/two 36-volt batteries):
Cars will operate for 10 hours. Cars will charge from zero to full in 2.5 hours or to 90% of capacity after 2 hours or about 9+ hours of playtime. Fast charge power supplies are available for an additional $500/charger. Fast charger power supplies will charge cars from zero to full in 1.5 hours or to 90% of capacity after 1 hour or about 9+ hours of playtime.
*Standard overall performance of Cyber Sport cars are based on (6) 7-minute games per hour. A “session” is based on (3) 7-minute games.
Important Notes:
With the addition of a third 36-volt battery, the Cyber Sport cars operating time increases by 50% from 10 hours to 15 hours.
Battery capacity declines very slowly. Based on the Cyber Sport Revenue Projections Spreadsheet described in this document. Battery life declines from 10+ hours to about 9 hours after $1,000,000 in revenue has been generated.
Replacement battery costs are currently $2,000 per Cyber Car if all the batteries are replaced at the same time. For a (12) car system the replacement cost would be $24,000.

Key Features

Cyber Sport is a complete attraction:
Including 12 vehicles (5 on 5 play + 2 spares), sound system, game computer, and scoring targets. You supply the room and we’ll do the rest.
Touch Screen Control:
Track individual player statistics, award goals for each team, call penalties automatically, stop and start the game and the cars.
Integrated Sound System with In-Game Announcements & Royalty-Free Music
Small Footprint:
56 feet x 36 feet = 2,016 sq. ft. (5 on 5).
Multi-Use Space:
Your Cyber Sport court can become a banquet room. Park the Cyber Cars in a larger Cyber Sport garage or move the vehicles to one end of the court to use the space for other purposes. At our LASERTRON facilities in Buffalo and Rochester New York, we have used the Cyber Sport courts for large birthday parties, dances, dinner shows, business meetings, team-building programs and conferences.
Electric-Powered: Simple, low maintenance dual electric motors.
36 Volt Battery System:
2-battery cars will operate for 10 hours and charge to full in 2.5 hours on standard charging system or 1.5 hours if fast charge power supplies are selected (3-Battery cars will operate for 15 hours).
Joystick Driven:
Easy vehicle control for players 54” or taller for the Cyber Sport game.
Custom Design:
Cyber car is not a retooled or refurbished bumper car. It is a custom vehicle created exclusively for playing Cyber Sport.
Emergency Manual and Wireless Cut-Off Switches:
Easily shut off vehicles either remotely or manually on the vehicle.
Comfortable Seat:
A molded seat with seatbelt.
Quiet, Flexible Tires and Casters:
You can play Cyber Sport on almost any smooth surface.
Durable Foam Bumper:
Keep your players and walls safe with our unique bumper system.
Durable Plastic Outer Body:
The outer shell is made out of grey plastic for durability, easy cleaning, and clear team identification using Blue and Yellow LED lighting.
Scoring Targets:
Dual multi-target scoring backboards with positive feedback through game system and via sound and lighting effects on scores.
Shows each player’s stats after each session. The referee tracks multiple player stats during the game using the game computer, such as: Points, Shots Attempted, Shooting Percentage, Rebounds, Pickups, Steals, and Penalties.
Open-Ended Game Software:
Change the way your game plays with hundreds of variables for points, fouls, and more.
Built-in Referee and Commentator Sound Effects:
Your players will hear the play by play announcements from the sound system. Almost everything is automated for the referee. Game system automation helps to insure a quality playing experience.
Single Person Operation:
Designed for a single attendant.
Turn-Key Professional Installation:
On-site installation of entire game system is included.
Learn more about what it takes to operate an entertainment center, call us today and make plans to attend our next LASERTRON Conference. At the conference, you’ll have a chance to evaluate and play Cyber Sport and gain useful operating knowledge from other operators.

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